February Media Mentions

12_ApostlesThought I’d share with y’all my www.Travelated.com posts for the month of February. Hope you enjoy them!  

Exploring Oz’s Great Ocean Road

Feb. 24 – The Great Ocean Road is an Australian landmark, stretching 243 kilometers (151 miles) along the southeastern coast – known as Shipwreck Coast — between the Victorian cities of Torque and Warrnambool. The coastline provides views of both the Bass Strait, as well as the Southern Ocean.

The Great Ocean Road was built by returning WWI soldiers and is seen as a monument to the human suffering Australia faced during that war. (As a country of only 5 million people at the time, Australia suffered the most deaths and injuries per population during World War I).

The Great Ocean Road is best known for its 12 Apostles, sandstone and limestone monoliths that have been carved by centuries of wind and waves to form impressive stone stacks punctuating Victoria’s rugged coastline.

The 12 Apostles are actually only eight in number (several of them have fallen into the surrounding sea). The Apostles also used to be called the “Sow and Piglets” until the Australian tourism board got a hold of ‘em.

Erin_in_Stinger_SuitRead more to find out the three ways to best explore the Great Ocean Road!


Crazy About the Whitsunday Islands

Feb. 16 – The Whitsundays are a crazy place. Crazy good. But crazy nonetheless.

The Whitsundays total 74 islands located off the coast of Queensland, about 560 miles north of Brisbane. The islands were discovered by Captain Cook and named after the day they were discovered. But Captain Cook made a mistake. The islands were actually discovered on Whit-Monday. But no matter.

Click here to read about all the Whitsunday craziness!


Facing a New Frontier: Fiord Kayaking in New Zealand

Amazing_Fiord_KayakingFeb. 2 – I just had an adventure: a 3-day kayaking /camping trip in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park located in the southern-most portion of country’s South Island — basically at the bottom of the world. Out of all of my adventures, this was definitely the most *hard core*… And that’s saying something!

Four of us (1 guide / 3 kayakers) spent 3 days and 2 nights out on Doubtful Sound, which is the second most trafficked of all 14 of New Zealand’s fiords. But don’t let that fool you. We still saw scant people. We journeyed over a mountain pass and enjoyed two boats rides to get out there.

By the way, Doubtful Sound, like Milford Sound, is really a fiord (or “fjord” if you’re from Norway). A fiord is formed by a glacier carving away the mountain rock, while a sound is formed by river water.

Continue and read about my 2 moments of bliss!

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