Fight Adult Illiteracy in India!

We were so close! Got 101 votes instead of the 120 we needed to fund the enitre project. The GoErinGo! Fund will still give $500 toward adult literacy in India. THANK YOU Adventure Philanthropists for voting!

India has one of the highest adult illiteracy rates in the world. And there is a wide gender disparity. While 82% of Indian men are literate, only 65% of Indian women can read or write. It is widely acknowledged that low literacy has a negative effect on family planning, with illiterate women having more children.

The good news is that the gender gap appears to be narrowing, with female literacy increasing nearly 12% between the decade 2001-2011. Let’s help continue the good work!

The GoErinGo! Fund will give $1,200 to sponsor 1 literacy center in an Indian slum – but only if 120 of you vote “Yes!”. Vote before March 10 to help Indian women break the cycle of poverty.

Should we sponsor an Adult Literacy Center in India?

  • Yes! (100%, 107 Votes)

Total Voters: 107

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Fighting Adult Literacy

A one-year sponsorship of a Virmani Adult Literacy Center will teach approximately 200 women to read Hindi and learn arithmetic. This schooling, via a specialized computer program designed for illiterate learners, will teach women to read newspapers, signage, children’s report cards, daily accounts and legal documents they may have to sign.

To date, Virmani has taught 4,467 women, 44 men and 596 children to read. The program comprises 90 hours of learning time at a cost of just over $15 for each person. This adult literacy program is helping poor women reach their fullest potential and meet the challenges of life.

Check out these web sites for more information on the Virmani Trust and to make your own donation through / Virmani Trust Donation.

Vote Today! 

Don’t forget to vote by March 10. We only need 120 of you to step up and be adventure philanthropists! Do it today!

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