Paragliding in Kas: Fly like an Eagle

Geared up and ready to go!

Geared up and ready to go!

July 18, 2009 - High in the Sky in Kas, Turkey

Today was the day I learned to fly! Paragliding was amazing!

I was initially afraid it might be like parachuting where I was A-OK until it was time to jump out of the plane, and then I became terrified (justifiably so).

Paragliding, though, was a piece of cake – and a sweet one at that.


Watch The Video: Paragliding Peril over the Turkish Mediterranean


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Soaring over the town of Ka?

Soaring over the town of Ka?

Our pilots were ex-Turkish Army, so we were in very good hands. (I was hoping anyway.) The flight over the hills above Kas was truly amazing. We soared so close to the mountains, dipping and weaving, riding the up currents, before tilting downward. It was just like a rollercoaster, only more thrilling since we were out in the wild blue yonder.

My pilot kept telling me we were flying like birds: Eagles, Falcons, Crows. Crows? I think not. Eagles, yes, Crows, no. Never tell a woman she resembles anything like a crow. Ever.

Clapping in delight!

Clapping in delight!

I was so enchanted during our flight we stayed aloft over 35 minutes. I literally squealed with delight and clapped my hands upon landing.

Three cheers for Whiskey! (No, not whiskey the booze, although the good stuff does deserve a shout out).  Whiskey, was my pilot.

Actually I think it was more like Veskey, but he let me call him Whiskey. Ah…so smooth!



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