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It’s so  perfect!

It’s so perfect!

April 17, 2010 – West Marin, California I’m about to leave the mini house — -Noooooooooooo!

In order to build my own mini house! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

In January 2009, I decided with the poor economy and all, I should downsize my lifestyle (Read: get rid of the super expensive 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment with the bay view and the plush amenities) to something more affordable.

My next thought was instead of just down-sizing, I’d take the opportunity to test drive a few ideas:

  • • Living in the “boondocks” – I was originally looking from Sausalito to Jenner
  • • Living in a teeny house – Getting rid of most of my stuff and streamlining my life

I was very lucky that the second place I saw was my current mini house – it was perfect – all 436 feet of it! After a lengthy 24-hour reflection period, I called and rented the place – Yahoo!

Within 1 month, I had rented the mini house, re-rented my pricey apartment in SOMA (no small feat in that market), and sold or gave away most of my possessions.

Now 14 months later, my “test” year is over and busiess is booming again, so I’m now able to buy a piece of land and build my own mini house. Seriously, I’ve been pinching myself for the last month. I am one lucky girl! (Or as my guide in Egypt called me: a “grown-up girl.” But that’s another story…)

Grown-Up Girl in Egypt

As a grown-up girl who evidently likes extremes (extreme sports / extremely young men), an Extreme Mini Makeover is right up my alley. In truth, I kind of scare myself. What will I do when I can buy and build just about anything I want?

Well, you’re about to find out, because I’m going to begin chronicling my Extreme Mini Makeover adventures as I buy land in Marin and build a mini house. I’ll be asking the universe — and you — to help me answer questions like:

  • • Should I buy and tear down?
  • • What kind of lot do I need?
  • • Should I buy pre-fab?
  • • Why do I need to worry about sewage lines?
  • • What is grey-water?
  • • Should I rent or buy solar panels?
  •           And many many more…

But first things first. This weekend I’m interviewing several real estate agents and will hire one to take me around.

  • • Know of a real estate agent that works in West Marin? Send ‘em my way!
  • • What questions should I ask a real estate agent? I’m a first-time home buyer.
  • • Have a cool property you’re trying to un-load? Note: Fairfax is the closest I’ll live to the City.
           That’s right – I’m a country gal now!

And soon, I’ll be searching for an architect and green building designs. Here’s my thinking so far:

Too Modern
Way Too Moden
They Might Freak in Marin!

One last note: I’ll be traveling for the month of August this year. (Wanna guess where I’m going? Think Bollywood!) So if any you friends out there want a summer retreat for 30 days or so, let me know! Tis the perfect way to test drive LivingMini™!

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