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Volunteering—more people... more fun!

Volunteer! More people=more fun!

Group Volunteer Activities

I love the idea of logging on to a web site and finding a volunteer activity that fits in with my travel schedule. So if I have, say, next Wednesday night free, I can log on and find out which groups in my area need help that night. Brilliant! Check these volunteer sites out and sign up today:


Overseas Volunteering

I aim to travel overseas at least two months out of the year and with each trip I try and line up 1-2 volunteer gigs. This *mostly* works out and is a great way for me to give time and expertise on a pro bono basis (that doesn’t conflict with my consulting business at home).  

While I arrange these trips independently though my contacts in the nonprofit world, there are many organizations that can facilitate overseas volunteer activities for you. Here’re a couple of places to start your search:

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