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I caught up with these school girls on their way to classes one morning. It was a bright sunny day in the Usambara Mts. in central Tanzania.
I caught up with these school girls on their way to classes one morning. It was a bright sunny day in the Usambara Mts. in central Tanzania.

Giving U is all about “smart philanthropy” – how to contribute to the charities and causes we care about and how to do it in a way that’s most effective.

One way to do this is by engaging with our communities on a  personal level by volunteering our time, sharing our knowledge, sharing ourselves!

And here’s how we can do it:

  • Donate My Dollars – You choose which worthy nonprofit organizations receive cash donations.
  • GoErinGo! Fund – $25,000 will be donated over the next 2 years. Check out who’s getting the cash.
  • Adventure Philanthropists & Hot Orgs – Meet these inspiring individuals and amazing organizations.
  • The Giving Guide – Offering the motivation and the mechanisms behind effective giving. We share ideas on how to make complex giving choices.

What are you waiting for? Join in the *fun* of philanthropy!

Back Camera

I turned over this month’s Donate My Dollars poll to my nephews Neil and Jake. We went to, an online charity that makes it easy to help students in need.

I gave each of them $50 to donate. Here’re the projects that they decided to support…

Team Erin-Aura-Van

Last Saturday was the 30th Annual International Coastal Clean-Up Day—the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean up our oceans and waterways.

648,015 volunteers in 92 countries picked up trash. Here’s the list of Top 10 countries:

glide congregation

Last Sunday I got “Glidified”—which is a good thing. I volunteered at Glide, a famous San Francisco nonprofit that feeds the city’s homeless.

The experience had its highs and lows—what I call the Glide Slide. Here’s how my day went…

TN Childs Feet

I’m in re-build mode so I don’t have a lot of money to give right now, a situation that is encouraging me to think about philanthropy in all its forms.

I still want to contribute, so here’s how I’m being philanthropic on a budget:

Children in Field, Uganda, photo by GoErinGo

The goal in establishing the GoErinGo! Fund was to make a charitable gift to organizations and communities I met during my two-year trek.

Now almost 3 years to the day, I’m sharing the details on the more than $36,000+ gifted.

PI Poverty

Water is one of the most pressing issues in the world today –that’s why I’ve chosen Drop in the Bucket as the beneficiary of my Project for Awesome!

Drop in the Bucket is a nonprofit organization that has built nearly 100 wells in East Africa. These wells provide clean, safe … read more!

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