Go-to-Washington D.C.

Me  and the  Headless Hot-dog VendorWashington D.C. – May 15, 2010

I’m in our nation’s capital for the week to attend a conference put on by the Coalition of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans.  Here’re some disturbing facts about our ongoing wars – which we hear precious little about these days.

  • • More than 2 million American men and women have been deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan
  • • 36% of Americans don’t know anyone who’s served in these wars. (I was part of this percentage up until April.)
  • • Nearly 22% of OIF/OAF veterans are unemployed
  • • 200,000 OIF/OAF  are homeless
  • • 42% of American have donated to a cause in support of troops and veterans — Good Stuff!

While I didn’t get out of the hotel much (hardly at all!), I did learn a lot. Making it a worthwhile week in Washington. I like it!

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