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Erin Michelson Paragliding © GoErinGoMy U.S. speaking tour is in full swing! Throughout 2013, I’m on the road speaking with students, congregations and civic clubs, nonprofit organizations and corporate audiences.

A seasoned public speaker, I have a “lively” presentation style and lots of stories and insider tips to share. Each presentation is tailored to resonate with your specific audience. Please contact me at Erin@GoErinGo.com for more information.

Below are a few of my favorite topics:



Living the Adventure Philanthropist Life

This 30-minute presentation gives us a snapshot of Erin’s “living and giving” adventure, spending 2 years (2011-2012) traveling to more than 60 countries and all 7 continents while volunteering with global humanitarian organizations. Erin’s stories about her experiences and the people she meets show us how philanthropic giving and volunteer experiences can enrich our lives. From building a well in Northern Uganda to conserving marine life in Honduras, to helping orphans in Katmandu, Erin is living the Adventure Philanthropist life. And you can too!

*Ask how this presentation can be tailored for students.



Global Outings: Solo RTW Trips

This 30-minute presentation looks at the logistics of solo round-the-world travel. Through her stories of adventure and mishap, Erin provides practical tips for long-term travel, including staying safe on the road, navigating language and cultural barriers, and living out of one suitcase for two years. In addition, Erin’s tales delve into the emotions that can accompany solo travel, such as boredom, loneliness and fear. More than stories on how to survive on the road, these are stories of how to thrive on the road.

*Ask how this presentation can be tailored for women & girls.



The Joy of Giving

While the idea of “philanthropy” can be off-putting, we’re doing it all the time: buying Girl Scout cookies, sponsoring our best friend’s 3-day walk, contributing to the collection basket. This 30-minute presentation provides an overview of the basics of giving. We answer questions like: How do I give? Where should I give? What causes need support? The goal is to help you frame a personalized philanthropy plan that is in line with your giving budget and time commitment and will accurately reflect your values.

The Joy of Volunteering

This 30-minute presentation gives the inside scoop on how to have a meaningful volunteer engagement. The talk focuses on how to find the right volunteer opportunity for you — the right cause, the right location, the right kind of work, whether it’s caring for endangered animals, teaching school children, or helping clean up the environment. We look at all the options, including episodic and long-term volunteering, as well as local and international opportunities. Most important, we discuss the ethical issues that can arise when working with nonprofit organizations.



Why Giving Away Time & Money is Good Business

This 30-minute presentation looks at how your business can benefit from engaging in charitable giving. From online business and blogs, to retail products and B2B services, Erin provides concrete examples of how companies can incorporate philanthropy into their business plan to not only enhance their standing in the community, but deepen their relationships with their existing customers and attract new ones. Philanthropy is all about engagement and we’ll show how giving away time and money can help build big business.



Fundamentals of Fundraising

This 3-hour workshop provides a basic understanding of the 8 different ways to raise money, including fee-generated income options and more traditional contributed revenue alternatives. The emphasis of the workshop is on explaining the psychology behind how funders make decisions. We talk about how to identify primary funders, how to build long-term relationships, and how to best position your organization to receive the most money. The workshop is interactive, drawing on real-world case studies from global funders and organizations, as well as proven fundraising vehicles. The goal is to have you leave the workshop with at least 3-5 fundraising strategies that can be implemented immediately.

The Art of the Ask

This 1.5 hour workshop is for nonprofit organizational leadership, including senior staff and Board of Directors. Our objective is to dispel the hesitancies surrounding fundraising and to teach your organization’s largest stakeholders how to comfortably—and confidently—ask for money. We uses role playing sessions, sample scripts, and tutorials to lay out the steps involved in making an appropriate and successful ask. Our goal is to help organizational leaders preserve their professional and personal relationships, while at the same time secure funding.

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