Got your Goat!

A friendly source of food

A friendly source of food

November 2005 – Trinidad via NYC

Now if you know I’m talking about food, you’re probably from the Caribbean. Succulent, juicy goat meat. Or dry goat meat with gristle. Sometimes rotis are made with scrap meat (you don’t want those).

These second-class roties are called “Piper Rotis” because they’re the favorite (cheap) food of crackheads who spend all their money on drugs.

A roti was originally described to me as “a Caribbean burrito.” It contains a sort of curried yummy meat mixture rolled up in a bread-like wrapper.  

And it’s good. Really. I learned about roti from my West Indian friends.

It's like a Caribbean buritto

It’s like a Caribbean burrito



It originated in India and then migrated to the islands of West Indies (which makes perfect sense). Roti gets its name from its tortilla-crepe like wrapper, which is actually an unleavened flat bread made of flour.




Maybe this is where we got our goat

Maybe this is where we got our goat


p.s.  If you refer to your father figure — sugar daddy and otherwise — as “Poppy” – you’re most likely from the West Indies.  And you’ve probably eaten goat.


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