Sam Talks About Traveling with Erin

Honestly, I guess I did cut his head off

Honestly, I guess I did cut his head off

December 25, 2009 – Portugal & Spain

Hola from the Traveling Duo

We have been getting a lot of requests for me to write about what it’s like traveling with Erin. 

We use to travel a lot together, but not so much in the last 5 or 6 years.  Since getting a little older (putting it delicately) I require a modicum of luxury, i.e…. I will not carry 3 week’s worth of travel essentials on my back, nor will I bring my own soap, towel or toilet paper.

We have our own system that has always worked for us.  I get us from country to country, city to city and make the plane, train, hotel and pre-arranged tour arrangements.  Since I have absolutely no sense of direction and am lost once outside the hotel door, Erin gets us where we need to go in the city by taxi, metro, tram and funicular.   I must admit she does a commendable job.  She also speaks more than my 5 words of Spanish. Before we left, I requested the “come to Jesus” talk.  I am happy to take photos and videos of her within reason (Yeah, it’s also MY vacation) and I don’t want any flack on how they turn out.  For sure there have been a few:  MOM, you cut off the head of the statue and MOM, you took the picture with that guy lurking in the background!! 

Lurking man in both pictures…no ONE is perfect!

Lurking man in both pictures…no ONE is perfect!

The weather has been rainy and cold and we have both been under the weather, literally, but with our handy umbrellas we have still been able to see some amazing sights and have had more than our share of laughs (the necessary ingredient in having fun…..being able to laugh at yourself, and who cares if you have make up on or not, since you will never see these people again. Anyway, walking under an umbrella is a great bonding experience.  Although in Madrid the weather was great and we both looked our best, we did get our share of leering looks. For those of you who know that I have been on a RAW diet for months, and kept asking what I was going to eat when traveling, the answer is, I eat and drink what the locals eat and drink and will come home at least 5 lbs heavier.

So, to answer the question of what it’s like to travel with Erin, the answer is that it’s been great.  We are still talking, laughing and have a wonderful time.  Mother/daughter loves goes a long way. 

Stay tuned, there may be more of the Traveling Duo in the future!

Adios from Spain…….sam

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