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Camper__CampersWhile trailing around Australia, I crossed paths with lots of camper vans and I have to admit, it seemed like an ideal way to travel.

The first advantage, of course, is that you get to roam freely. Stopping when you want, listening to your own tunes on the road, no tour guide waking you up at un-Godly hours.

The second clear advantage is ready access to all the luxuries of home: toilet, shower, refrigerator, and a gas stove. Pots, pans, crockery and cutlery are also included.

Most also come with outdoor chairs and table for al fresco dining. A few even come with a BBQ and outdoor awning. I even saw a camper van with solar panels – cool!

A few considerations when renting a camper van:

1) Price. Price varies depending on pick up and drop off locations and the duration of the contract. Want your wheels for 6 months? That will be only $89.00 a day. For a 3-week rental, it’ll run you about $134 a day.

2) Berths. You have 2- and 3-berth options and each camper van comes equipped with mattresses.

3) 4WD. This is actually a big consideration, especially if you’re headed into the Outback. 4WD campers are also heavy on the fuel – which itself is pricey!

To rent, all you need is a driver’s license – any kind will do (US, Australian, International). So what are you waiting for? You camper van “home on wheels” is ready! Artwork included.



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