Hot Shopping: London

Fancy_DressI went to London to see Wimbledon, but I ended up shopping. Mainly because I was asked to the Wimbledon Ball by my Dallas-Heathrow seatmate and I therefore needed a formal gown. Read: The Ultimate Wimbledon Experience.

High-end Shopping

I found my dress at this fabulous boutique by Japanese designer Lungta de Fancy. It was just down the street from Harrods, which was frightfully expensive (Harrods, not Lungta).

You can see the Lungta de Fancy Spring 2010 fashion show here – which is kinda strange. My dress was pretty cool though. Very avant-garde (or so I though). At least it’s a pretty pearly grey color. And check out that crazy feather accessory in my hair. Oo la la.

Street_shoppingStreet-level Shopping

But really that’s not my style. My style is more street.

That’s why my favorite shopping spot in London was Nottingham where, admittedly, I was naughty. Buying leather bracelets and antique silver lockets. Even a creamy cupcake. Ahhhh.

Shopping was great in London. Hitting the Saturday open-air market, which had tons of food (paella in giant pans and savory crepes), antiques like tea cups and jewelry, and modern-day loot like straw fedoras and Union Jack t-shirts.

I was proud that I controlled myself (which is just as well, since I just gave it all away over the weekend). Or did I?

I was “supposed” to give the fancy Lungta de Fancy dress to my NYC host Brigitte, but not sure it’s making it into the mail packet. Might be headed, as one of the few hanging items, to the storage locker.

I mean, it’s timeless, right? Right. The dress and the featered hair accessory!

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