How much do I love Spain? My 25 Favorite Photos

Magnificent  Alhambra!

Magnificent Alhambra!

Love Love Love Spain! Here’s what I like most about Spain

  • Personality – So friendly! The waiters in particular were very patient with my bad Spanish, and would take time to show me the things on the menu when I had no clue what I was ordering.
  • Passion –  Whoa!  There was some heavy duty PDA going all the time. ALL THE TIME…in restaurants, on the street, on the bus. Nice Smooch Smooch!
  • Shopping — Mailed an entire suitcase home full of stuff and loving it all now. Get constant compliments on my new coat, and boots, and briefcase…I donated two full shopping bags to Goodwill just to get it all in my one closet. LivingMINI™ rules, you know.
  • Grinds –  Seriously dig the tapas culture…who doesn’t like to eat small plates of food – lots of ‘em! Read about the history of tapas.
  • Art – Gaudi, Miro, Picasso, El Greco….the list goes on. And the architecture rocks as well. Think: The Alhambra

Trying to figure out a way to spend a month this summer in Spain studying Spanish. If it doesn’t happen, my top shots might have to tide me over. 

p.s. I snuck in a few pics of Portugal and Tangier too!

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