How to Cope with a Crying Baby

The  culprit: Crying Baby #1

The culprit: Crying Baby #1

May 19, 2010 — Mid-Air Flight

On my flight last Saturday between Charlotte and SFO, I encountered The Most Unfair Mother in the World.  She was there with her screaming infant child, who, as she said, “had just discovered his own vocal cords.” And how!

I get the whole crying baby thing and how it’s not the mother’s (or child’s) fault. No one like changing air pressure or sitting in a cramped seat for hours on end.  But when I stuck a peek at “the outburst that would not quit,” I saw the mother had ear plus in her ears.

Wha?!  Rascal! So unfair! She was sitting there blissfully ignoring the racket her kid was causing…in her own private Idaho.

Now, I start get a little pissed. It is one thing for us all to suffer (it’s just a little baby!), but for all of us to suffer, except the mom – No way, Jose!

But I had to admit, it was pretty smart of her.

Lily, happiest  baby in the worldIt brought to mind an earlier conversation I was having with my friends Clara and Allen as they were preparing to take their adorable 11-month old baby Lily on a 10-hour flight to Israel

Lily, happiest baby in the world

We were chatting about survival options, including arming themselves with:

  • • Valium (for the parents, not the kid)
  • • Apologies (for everyone around them)

But here’s a great new solution:

Ear Plus for All!

You can buy a bunch of ear plugs at a local drug store and pass them out to those in the immediate vicinity of the crying baby (saving a pair for yourself!). I love this idea!

For about $5, you don’t need to just apologize for the situation, you can actually *solve* the crying-baby situation! I also think this is a very nice gesture to your travel companions.

So, while we can’t stop the baby from crying, we can stop the noise from driving us all batty! Orange ear plugs – the newest travel accessory! Yay Team!


p.s. Clara and I traveled around Central America together. Check out some of our adventures, including:

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