How you Know You’re Not in Kansas Any More

7_on_1A few thoughts have popped into my head the last few days, reminding me that I’m far, far from home.

Here’re some of the things I now do on a regular basis:

1. Time my toilet flush, because I only have enough residual water in the tank for one flush until 6:00 pm.

2. Appreciate when Filipino children touch the back of my hand to their foreheads as a sign of respect (to the elderly!)

3. Nearly have an aneurism over a $2 cab ride (in my defense, the local rate would have been .80 cents)

4. Keep 2 liters of bottled water on hand as an emergency alternative to a shower

5. Get up when the roosters crow at 5:00 am

6. Don’t blink when I see a family of 7 on one motorcycle

7. Congratulate myself on remembering to wear a jog bra during 6-hour bus rides (but make a mental note to wear 2 bras next time)

8. Notice scarecrows out in the rice fields are wearing either turbans or motorcycle helmets

9. Walk slowly so I don’t sweat (yes, the girl who never sweats is starting to perspire these days in the Southeast Asia humidity)

10. Examine my legs and play a new nightly game called “Name that Bite” – my choices are:

  • · Mosquitoes = Debilitating malaria
  • · Sand Flies = Sever allergic reaction
  • · Bed Bug = Just plain gross

Experience any changes in lifestyle when you travel? Share ‘em!

This entry was posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 and is filed under Erin Right Now.

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