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Posted By Erin on May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010 – Land of Oz: 2

OK – the Extreme Mini Makeover has a new land option: Almost half an acre of land (flat, sunny) bordered by a creek with pre-approved housing plans. Am I dreaming?

Maybe. ‘Cause what might look like the dream option, may indeed turn out to be a nightmare.




Really? Salmon run this “river”?

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Really? Salmon run this “river”?

See, the creek is the problem. Because of Coho salmon run declines in coastal California tributaries, building along creeks are highly problematic.

I used to go salmon fishing in Alaska, and the rives there had a bit more water in them than this — but I digress.

Fishing in Alaska: Looking Miserable

Fishing in Alaska: Looking Miserable

Problematic meaning building only within pre-designated set backs from the bank and using only certain kinds of indigenous California plants for landscaping.

Read: SPAWN (Salmon Protection & Watershed Network) environmental laws.

The skinny: Some poor dude bought a lovely piece of land, then couldn’t build on it because of restrictions. 3 years later, he has approved plans, but no more money or patience.  I’m here to swoop in.

  • • The question is: Do I want this land?
  • • Or is the question: Do I want this guy’s problems?
Nice decking!

Nice decking!

For X price and that means I commit to buying this land, with this building footprint, situated this way, with this landscaping (I can make interior changes though). That’s a lot of restrictions from a gal who doesn’t like to be told what to do… (Who me?!)

That said, the house plans are based on a Michelle Kaufman Design for a green Glidehouse building.

Her designs have all the features I want: cross ventilation, deck surround, all glass on one side. It’s pretty modern (too modern?), but essentially it is exactly the open, green floor plan I want.

Check out more Glidehouse plans & pics!     I’m turning green as we speak!

I’m turning green as we speak!

Decisions, Decisions. So I’m enlisting the help of experts.

On Monday, I paid another visit to my friends at the planning department.

Then yesterday, I met with the real estate agent to walk the land.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with a passive solar architect to check out possible changes to the interior.

Then another round up with my contractor friends this weekend.

Sooooooo tempting!

That should give me the information I need to proceed.

Sooooooo tempting!

Hmmmmm….I think I’ll be making a decision within a week. We’ll see how well I sleep between now and then.

If the nightmares return, I’ll have my answer.


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