Press Release – Jan. 5, 2011: Announcing “Erin Goes Global”

Announcing “Erin Goes Global”: A solo woman’s 2-year around-the-world journey volunteering with global humanitarian organizations

Erin Michelson’s “living and giving” adventures will be streamed live from around the world.

Erin Michelson, the original “Adventure Philanthropist,” is embarking on a 2-year global giving adventure! Starting in Fiji on New Year’s Day 2011, Erin Michelson will travel to more than 70 counties on 7 continents during 2011-2012. Along the way, Erin will be volunteering with global nonprofit organizations, including working with the Hari tribes in Papua New Guinea, building wells in Uganda and Mozambique, and tutoring young girls in Bangladeshi boat villages.

“The purpose of the trip is to prove that engaging in philanthropy can be accessible, rewarding, and most of all fun!, says Adventure Philanthropist Erin Michelson. “I’m looking to find individuals who are making a difference in the communities where they live, highlighting the extraordinary work that ordinary people engage in every day.”

Erin Goes Global Announcement

“Extreme” Giving

Erin Michelson is taking volun-tourism to a new level, not only by seeking out Adventure Philanthropists around the globe, but also by allowing others to decide where she will donate more than $25,000 of her own money. Though the “Donate My Dollars” campaign, visitors to get to choose which worthy nonprofit organizations will receive the monthly donations.

Erin’s new brand of “extreme” giving is proving that philanthropy isn’t just for the rich. Ordinary individuals can engage in giving by volunteering their time and expertise, contributing to conversations about important issues online, and donating their own (and Erin’s) money.

You can follow Erin’s adventures in living and giving via streaming media on, her bi-weekly posts, and her weekly newsletter, “the Goodie,” which gives travel and Living Mini tips.

About Go Erin Go

Go Erin Go is a multimedia lifestyle company that is building a community of Adventure Philanthropists – individuals who are looking to expand their lives through international travel, charitable giving and mindful living. Go Erin Go provides like-minded Adventure Philanthropists with the mechanism, the motivation and the role model they need to lead a more purposeful life.

About Erin

Erin Michelson is a social entrepreneur and world-traveler. Having left the world of corporate finance to work with nonprofit organizations, she built a successful consulting firm helping nonprofit organizations achieve exponential growth. Erin has traveled to more than 60 countries and has lived and studied in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Based in San Francisco, she has consulted internationally in East Africa, Central America and the Arab Region. A lover of adventure sports, Erin is a daredevil in both the sporting arena and the field of philanthropy.

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