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Hope Meadow kidsI met Jeanette about a year ago when I was interviewing the residents living at Hope Meadows, an intergenerational community run by my client: Generations of Hope.

At Hope Meadows, families adopt children from the foster care system and raise them in a community built to support this complex decision. Jeanette, a widow and former school teacher, adopted 4 children.   Wow – this is such a personal decision that is so generous at its most elemental level.

In our January Adventure Philanthropist newsletter, I mentioned that this year I started a new tradition of telling people that I admire them.  Jeanette was my first victim, I mean, hero.

I wrote her a letter telling her how much I admired her personal decision to adopt and raise her children and popped it in the mail. Now, I very much doubt that Jeanette even remembered who I was (I had met her more than 6 months before, for just under an hour), but she so inspired me, I just had to break outta my shell and let her know.

Jeanette: You Rock!

I figured even if you didn’t know who your admirer is, it’s nice to get a personal note of admiration anyway. I hope she thought so too.


So in support of this inspiring lady and her inspiring life, GoErinGo will donate $100 to her organization.
If you get a chance, check out their Hot Orgs!

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