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Meet Adventure Philanthropist Joanne Bajjaly, founder of the nonprofit organization Biladi, which means “My Country” in Arabic. Her nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting and preserving Lebanon’s heritage.

Watch Joanne tell us about Biladi’s important work and the collaboration with GoErinGo:


Can’t view the video, check out this link: Joanne Bajjaly of Biladi

Building Harmony

By giving tours highlighting the history and multifaceted culture of Lebanon, Biladi helps to build harmony among the countries’ confessional and religious divides. The organization’s work goes beyond simple tolerance of cultural and religious differences, and is considered a model of building unity in post-conflict countries such as Iraq and Sudan.

Educating Children

Biladi provides Lebanese school chidlren with age-appropriate field trips that focus on the country’s historical sites and varied cultures, including food and the arts. Children who participate in the tours learn about the rich texture of their country in a fun and interactive way. This exposure to a “wider” Lebanon helps to foster a sense of collective belonging among the country’s youngest generation.

To date about 5,000 students –from international schools, public schools and orphanages – have discovered another face of Lebanon through Biladi.

GoErinGo’s Tour of Northern Lebanon

I spent two days volunteering with Biladi and brainstorming with Joanne (and fellow consultant Inji) on new ways to generate revenue and on assessing new avenues for organizational growth. I can’t tell you how much fun we had – such a joy to have 3 smart women collaborating together!

Equally fun was a follow up 2-day tour of Northern Lebanon with Biladi guides Roger and Charles. We surveyed the varied terrain: mountains, wet lands, sea shore and cities and visited each of Lebanon’s populations: Sunni, Shite, Christian, Druze and Bedouin.

Of course, until my insightful tour, I had no idea how varied and rich Lebanon is as a country. Which is exactly the point Joanne and Biladi are making.

Their goal is to give all of Lebanon’s school children this same experience and build appreciate for the mosaic that is their country. Such a worthwhile endeavor — Go Lebanon & Biladi!

For more information: Visit the Biladi website:

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