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Kava_DrinkingWhile in Fiji, I just had to try the local hallucinogenic drink: kava kava. This wasn’t my first experience with kava.

In fact, I was introduced to kava by my father, who was given kava during his induction ceremony as an honorary Samoan chief. (I am not shitting you – read here about how I became a Samoan princess.)

As I said, Dad was given kava during his ceremony, but in traditional Samoan fashion, his kava was made by a virgin and served in a large hand-carved bowl. I actually still have the bowl. It used to sit on my kitchen counter holding fruit. That was went I had an abode.

The first time I tried kava was a few years ago in Hawaii. It tasted really bitter and after 7 cups, I still only had a slight buzz. My friend told me I’d need to drink at least 20 bowls to get really lit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to force any more down.

The stuff I had in Fiji though was primo! A kilo of dried kava root was mixed with water and served in a half coconut shell (called a bilo in Fijian). In traditional Fijian fashion, I had to clap once before I was handed the coconut, then the young man who served me, along with everyone else, clapped twice while I drank.

You could either have a high tide (filled to the rim) or a low tide (half full). I elected to have 2 full tides, then asked for a third for good measure.

Wow – I got quite the kick! After the first coconut, my tongue and lips were numb and I had a slightly heady sensation. Coconuts #2 and #3 only intensified the feeling.

I liked it so much I bought a packet of kava to send home to my family. Sharing the joy!

p.s. Kava is a legal substance. Except in Europe where it’s banned.

p.s.s. Have you ever had kava? Tell us about it!

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