Kickstarter Honor Roll & Thanks

Check it out! From every corner of the world, my friends and family have come together to help make my dream of writing a book come true!

From my friend Laura, who I originally met in South Africa and is now living in Trinidad, to my friend Annie, who I met in Bolivia and now lives in Cambodia, to my Irish lassies Brid & Paula, who I met in Ethiopia – the global support is unbelievable!

Please watch this video where I share my deepest thanks:

Can’t see this video?  Click on Kickstarter Thanks

While not everyone was in a position to give a cash donation, I certainly appreciate their well wishes and kind words. Here’re a few nice sentiments to share:

Kilimanjaro Climbing“My dream is an Erin Michelson junket – the sites you’ve seen are much more interesting and spiritually fulfilling than Super Bowls, Final Fours, trade shows and board meetings!” —  Leonard, first $1 donor 4 years ago

“Congrats! I am so excited about our book! I get your emails and FB updates and love reading about your trips. I think what you do is amazing…” —  Karen, Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing buddy

“We are all so proud of your accomplishments. You go girl. I pray that your book is a huge success. You certainly are a HUGE success with your life.” —  Elaine, family friend in Florida

As you know, the campaign was a complete success, bringing in:

  • Total donations: $6,773
  • Percentage of project funded:  112%
  • Average donation: $89.19
  • Number of donors: 76

The Adventure Philanthropist Kickstarter Honor Roll

Globaltrotter Givers: Super sweet friends making donations of $5-$34

  • Lucy & ErinLeonard Hoops
  • Dawn Cole
  • Josh Riedel
  • Brenda Logan
  • Simon Pierce
  • Beverly Bronson
  • Paula Vance
  • Rasa Vitalia
  • Hector Sanchez
  • Kimmy Bettinger
  • Katherine Auld
  • Barbara Minch-Rosenberg
  • Brid Grady
  • Ryan J Burke
  • Jen Gaarder-Wang

NORTH AMERICA-level donors: Yo Dude! I’m totally stoked that y’all gave between $35-$69  

  • Moira Jean Byers
  • Laura Carroll
  • Kristine Caratan
  • Roxanne Dowell
  • Heather Brown
  • Teresa, Erin & BrigitteElaine Dermody
  • Lauane Jetty
  • Liz Coryell
  • Vania Dimova
  • Laura Barrera
  • Adam Cox & Courtney Oliva
  • Rick Passo
  • Nancy L. Janke
  • Brigitte Amiri
  • Harriet Israel
  • Catherine Karnow
  • Jennifer Benton
  • Lucy Walker
  • Laurie Rud
  • Stacy Cooper Dent & Tarah Smith Evans
  • Annie Irving
  • Linda N. Michelson
  • Erin & ClaraAarti Shah
  • Susan Pease
  • Patty Mok
  • Anne Benoist
  • Laura Marshall
  • Cathy Rafii
  • Jodi Soboll
  • Oona Marti

AUSTRALIA-level donors: Now let’s hear it: Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy Oy Oy! for the $70-$124 donors

  • Keir Oxley
  • Antoinette Bernardo
  • Paul Hodge & Teresa  Simmermacher
  • Heidi Young
  • Teresa Qu
  • Melissa Villa
  • Greg Nelson
  • Carol Rumpf
  • Clara Beshoar
  • Rizwan Tayabali & Angelina Edwards
  • Jeff Michie

EUROPE-level donors: Merci! Grazie! Danke! for all the gifts between $125-$249

  • Lizzie & ErinNatasha Shulman
  • Sam Michelson
  • Cherie Jardine O’Connor
  • Nancy Chellevold
  • Marek Alboszta
  • Leslie Theodore
  • Deirdre Combs
  • Sonal Patel
  • Pamela Day
  • Ryan Higgins
  • Chris Klug & Mary Ann Montano
  • Jane Levikow
  • Hilde Lofqvist
  • Lenelle Suliguin
  • Karoline Graeubig
  • Sherazade Langlade
  • Lourdes Davila

SOUTH AMERICA-level donors: Muchas gracias for your grande donations of $250 

  • Erin S. Gore
  • Joan Michelson

Marianna & ErinASIA-level donor: Domo arigato! 谢谢! Namaste! to my dumpling-loving donor of $500 

  • Marianna Pisano

AFRICA-level: As they say in Swahili: Asante! to my steadfast friend giving a donation of $999  

  • Lisa Flanagan

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