Ladies of the Last Supper *Video*

The week before I left on my 2-year global gallivant, I invited several of my good friends to dinner for a farewell party. I christened them the “Ladies of the Last Supper.”

As a Bon Voyage present, The Ladies collectively bought me a VISA gift card. The instructions were that I could only use the cash card to spoil myself. Ok – done!

In the 9 months I’ve been on the road, I’ve used the card twice and plan to use it again while in Cape Town, South Africa. Here’s what I splurged on:

Spoil #1: Room Service in Dalat, Vietnam

A friend and I had just ridden our mountain bikes 35 kilometers (20+ miles) through the hilly central highlands of Vietnam. Our goal was the village of Lat – which thankfully we reached.

While the bike ride was do-able, once we returned back to the hotel, the 5-story climb to our rooms did not seem so easy – especially when we thought about climbing down to eat dinner, then back up again.

So we elected to pull out the Bon Voyage card and order room service. We had 4 entrees between us for a grand total of $10. Money well spent to feed our faces (and save our legs)!

Spoil #2: Poolside Leisure in Vientiane, Laos

I’d been having a rough go of it with food poisoning that lasted nearly 2 weeks (and all the symptoms that go with food poisoning).

In addition, I had just returned from the elephant sanctuary and managed to pick up:

  • Flea bites from riding elephants
  • Leeches in an unmentionable place from walking in the jungle
  • And an infestation of winged termites in my hotel room that the local Lao picked through to roast later

So I took a 12-hour bus ride from Luang Prabang to the capital of Laos, Vientiane, so I could hop a flight to Cambodia to see a doctor. (You must be pretty sick to seek medical attention in Cambodia of all places…)

Here’s me being sick and stuck in Laos:

Can’t view this video? Click on this link: Erin Sick in Laos

While I waited a day for my flight, I pulled out my Bon Voyage gift card and went to the fanciest hotel in town and paid $12 to get access to the rooftop pool for the afternoon. It was heavenly!!! I was the only one there for most of the day and the best way to cool my fever in the 95+ degree humidity.

Spoil #3: Pedicure in Cape Town, South Africa

Now, I’m a pretty non-fussy type of gal, but I do like to have me a pedicure! Pretty toes are important!

And let’s just say, after hoofing it around Cairo, hiking in Ethiopia and scuba diving in the Sinai, my tootsies needed at little TLC.

So my plan once I get to Cape Town is to indulge my digits in bright purple nail polish and get a good old fashioned foot rub. Can’t wait for the pampering to begin!

Thanks Ladies!

So here’s a shout out to the Ladies of the Last Supper and the best gift of all time! Thanks Marianna, Michelle, Lizzie, Joanne, Sonal, Jane, and Jenny! (p.s. That’s me as a brunette in the picture!)

What was the best Bon Voyage gift you’ve ever received?

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