Lapland Summer Cottage *Video*

So if you’ve been following my posts for the last 2 weeks, you know I was visiting my friend Pirjo, who lives in Finnish Lapland. She lives in the town of Sodankylä, where her parents have a sweet summer cottage. That’s where we all stayed during my 10-day visit.

Summer Set-up

Sodankylä has a population of less than 10,000 people and is about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. In the summer, the temperature in this area in Lapland can get up to 80 degree F. But in the winter it can get down to -80 degrees F. (That’s minus, folks!).

The cottage is located on an island in the middle of a large lake about 10 miles from town. From the shore, it’s another 10-minute boat ride to the private dock. In the winter, the cottage is accessible only by snowmobile across the ice.

The cottage is set back on the land, well hidden in the trees so you can see the lake, but passing boaters can’t really see you. Each of the cottages (there are 2 now and a third is being built) has a front deck to enjoy the big-sky sunsets. There’s also an outhouse and a sauna, ‘cause its Finland!

Cute Cottage Tour

It feels really isolated when you’re at the cottage, and yet you’re really only 20 minutes from town. Want to see it? Here’s a quick tour of the property:

Can’t see the video? Click on this link: Lapland Cottage

Sustainable Living

Besides being surrounded by the beautiful Lapland countryside, the cottage has other features that I love. Here’s what I like most:

  • Sustainable Power: All electricity is generated via solar panels or wind. There’s a back-up generator, but it’s never been used.
  • Fire! There’s a wood-burning stove in the main cottage for heat. As well as a campfire pit and BBQ for flame-broiled meals. A couple of gas burners provide inside cooking options.
  • Composting: There’s no indoor plumbing at the cottage, meaning that the outhouse (and kitchen scraps) make use of a modern composting system.
  • Recycled Water: Lake water is used to wash dishes and clothes, and is pumped into the sauna to bath with. Only drinking water is brought in from town.

How cool is the cottage — Practically off the grid, but still with Wifi and TV! Really I could move right into the cottage and be completely comfortable. In the summer at least…

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