Let’s Protect Animals!

*BIG* Thanks to our 39 animal lovers who voted to support animal welfare! While we didn’t meet the giving challenge, I’m happy to give a $500 donation to be split between a U.S. no-kill shelter and the IFAW. Thanks gang!

Earlier today I was walking across the border between Peru and Bolivia and I as I walked through the stone archway separating the two countries, I passed a dog that broke my heart. This poor animal was so sick, it was literally staggering as it walked. Its fur was matted and its eyes were glazed.

I turned away because I couldn’t bear to see this creature suffering. But that wasn’t the right response. Thinking back I could have offered it some kind of comfort, at least a drink of water.

This encounter got me thinking all day about how many tragic animal sightings I’ve seen during my travels. Over afternoon coffee, I recounted the suffering of innocent animals that I have seen, including:

  • A dog being kicked in the face in India
  • A dog shaking and pitifully sick on the streets of Katmandu
  • Dogs lying in the dirt roads in Colombia
  • A dog hit by a car and left panting in Bulgaria

And so I’ve decided to do something to help alleviate this needless suffering. This month’s Donate My Dollars poll will focus on helping protect and promote the care of animals around the world.

For each “Yes” vote received, I’ll give $2 to animal welfare agencies (up to $1,500). Half the funds will be spent to support “No Kill” shelters in the U.S. and the other half will be spent to provide care for animals overseas.

Should we help protect animals around the world?

  • Yes! (100%, 41 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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You Can Help Too!

Interested in getting involved in protecting animals too? Here’s how you can:

Support Local “No Kill” Shelters – There’s a great website listing all the no kill shelters by state. Here’s the directory . Visit the site and look up a local shelter in your neighborhood to support by either volunteering or making a donation.

Volunteer Overseas – While working with one of my past clients, Pets Unlimited (the first no kill shelter in San Francisco), I learned that the vets there donated 2-3 days of their time during their overseas holidays. They spent the days providing free spay and neutering for the dogs and cats of the area.

While these travelers are lucky to have a professional skill, we can all volunteer during our next vacation. Here’re just a few of the animal-care agencies I’ve visited along the way:

Respect & Protect Animals – The international organization I’ve chosen to participate in this campaign is the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), which works to save individual animals, animal populations and habitats all over the world.

With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW provides hands-on assistance to animals in need, whether it’s dogs and cats, wildlife and livestock, or rescuing animals in the wake of disasters. IFAW also advocates saving populations from cruelty and depletion, such as the end to commercial whaling and seal hunts. Learn more about their work on their site: https://www.ifaw.org

Donate Internationally – There are a number of ways to donate directly to IFAW, a U.S.-based 501c3 organization.

The GoErinGo! funds will go to support IFAW’s Cats & Dogs Program. I’ll be setting up a Personal Pet Fund in the name of my cherished kitties: Lovely Rita & Sgt. Pepper.Have companion animals at home? For a $500 donation, you can set up a fund in their name too!

Don’t Walk Away

While I’ll need to live with the fact that I didn’t help that suffering dog I saw earlier today, I do feel better about my resolve to help more animals in need. Join me in my new-found resolution and support one of these great organizations – or even more simply – VOTE YES!

p.s. Here’s a photo of me in Laos, with a temple cat I found that looks remarkably like my twin kitties. I visited it every afternoon I was in Luang Prabang, bringing it milk and giving it some loving while I listened to the monks’ afternoon chatting. I know I’m just a whisker away from being a crazy cat lady, but it was the highlight of my day!

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