Little Angels in Uganda! *Video*

On the shores of Uganda’s Lake Bunyonyi is a school called Little Angels Needy Children and Orphan Project. On the site of this picturesque lake, I found an even more beautiful vision – happy healthy children at school!

Little Angel Orphans

In Uganda, the loss of one parent is tantamount to orphanage. A child that has lost one parent is referred to as a “single orphan” and a child that has lost both parents is referred to as a “double orphan.” Orphans have a significant disadvantage in terms of their wellbeing and social mobility.

Serving the Bufuka village area, the Little Angels Project cares for 200 needy children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old. There are currently 45 single orphans and 61 double orphans under the organization’s care. All Little Angels children are living significantly below the poverty line.

Little Angels receive a host of services, including:

• Education – Of these 200 Little Angels, 120 are female and 80 are male. All primary age children are attending school.

• Accommodation – Little Angels are housed among the community under the care of registered guardians. The village has no electricity or running water. Most children don’t have a bed, but instead sleep on a mat on the floor.

• Nutrition – Little Angels receive meals while at school. This source of nutrition is helping stop stunted growth and other ailments caused by poor nutrition that is prevalent among children in the area.

• Health – Education programs reinforces the need for preventative healthcare in response diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. AIDS is the underlying cause of much of the orphanism across Africa.

Duncan – The Top Angel

Little Angels was founded by a young man named Duncan, who started the school (his second one) as a way to repay the generosity of the donor that sponsored him while he was in school.

Here’s Duncan telling us how and why he founded the school:

Can’t view the video? Click this link:

Help a Little Angel Today!

The Little Angels Project enjoys a constructive relationship with the local school and church, but receives limited financial support. The primary income source of the Little Angels Project is cash donations given by tourists.

You can make a difference in an Angel’s life by:

  • Sponsoring a child – only $60 a month
  • Donating School Supplies
  • Donating Mosquito Nets, Mattresses and Bedding
  • Donating Clothing, Footwear and Hygene Products
  • Volunteering at a Project
  • Writing a Letter to a Child

For information on how you can help, visit their web site: /

How I’m helping!

For my part, I made a small $50 donation on the spot. It will be used to buy school supplies for the children.

I’m also helping Duncan get Little Angels registered with international intermediaries (like in the States, which will help facilitate donations around the world.

And I’ve nominated Duncan for the prestigious Ashoka fellowship. He is a remarkable young man that deserves our support!

Nowhere in my travels have I seen happier, healthier children. These are true Little Angels!

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