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Kitties, taunting me

Kitties, taunting me

November 18, 2009 — West Marin, Cali fornia

My cats are pissed. No, really. They’re not only pissed, they’re pissing on everything, especially my clothes.

I was on a conference call the other day at 7:30 am and could smell the urine.  I look in the bowl on the kitchen table and see the puddle. Disgusting. I clean, but I still smell the urine and finally figure out it was on the sleeve of my robe. Really disgusting. I think they’re mad at me because I almost fed them to the foxes. Here’s the scoop. I moved to the country and decided I’d let them roam. I thought they should live under the motto I apparently live by: Live Free & Die Young. I didn’t count on them almost dying in the first week though. Although I should’ve known…We have coyotes, foxes, raccoons and mountain lions in the hills surrounding my house.

Barbarian at the gate!

Barbarian at the gate!”

Yeah, you read that right – mountain lions! One day I’m hanging in the backyard and within spitting distance is a fox furiously digging to get under the fence. My precious kitties — just sitting on the fence watching. They didn’t even know enough to be scared. (Trust me, the resemblance of their response to life-threatening danger and my own actions in similar situations, is not lost on me.)

Well anyway, there they were, just watching as the fox was coming to eat ‘em.


Pretty sure this is Sarah Palin and not me.

Pretty sure this is Sarah Palin and not me.

To be safe, I called the local Humane Society to help me assess the situation.

Here’s how the call went:

Me:  I have foxes in my yard – are my kitties safe?
HS:  No!
Me:  Will the foxes eat my kitties?
HS: Yes! Me:  Can I let my kitties roam?
HS:  No!
Me:  Will they die if I let them out?
HS:  Yes!

The woman on the phone was starting to get exasperated at this point. She told me to bang on some pots and pans to scare away the foxes.

Which I did.

And then I found a little more fire power, just in case I really need to scare them. Just so you know, kitties remain in “protective custody” – confined to the Kitty Kingdom or secure on tethers. It’s a life of incarceration on the Mini Compound for them.

So much for Live Free & Die Young.

Me? I still get to roam for a little while longer.


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