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September 4, 2009 - West Marin, California I’ve completely embraced my mini life. But what does *mini* living mean exactly?  Down-sized, yes. But a smaller space isn’t really what Mini-dom™ is all about. Here’s the real scoop:  

The Essence of Living Mini™

1. Decrease so you can increase.

By maintaining a smaller physical space, you allow for growth in other areas of your life. Instead of concentrating on non-essentials  ? like housework, dry cleaning, yard work ? you have much more time to pursue a hobby, relax, have fun! Where I spend my time:

  • Speaking Spanish. I’m determined to get beyond the first year of high-school Spanish that I’ve been stuck at since, well, high school.  Es necesito, no? Bueno! Dios mio …(OK, I  had to look even that up.)
  • Playing Music. I’m not a very good musician, so it takes ALL of my concentration to play the piano and sight-read the music. I play classical music by Beethoven, Bach, what you would expect. While in NYC, some friends kept asking me when I would throw a recital, but there’s not enough alcohol in the world – for any of us.
  • Greeting the Great Outdoors. I have to admit my growing fear of mountain lions is inhibiting this one a bit. My friends and I carry rocks / big sticks while we hike, but really, is this going to help ward off an attack? Since mountain lions usually attack the taller person, at 5’2”, I’m safe. I reassure my fellow hikers that I’ll beat the thing back. And I will. Pretty sure.
  • Mini Farming: OK, so it took me 3 tries to grow my herb garden and it is now taking shape beautifully! I’ll have heirloom tomatoes and be making fresh pesto soon for sure. Pasta partee anyone?

2. Live inside-out.

THIS in my backyard!

THIS is my backyard!

Usually mini people love the outdoors and live in a place where nature can be enjoyed year-round. I spend a couple of hours a day hanging out in my garden so I consider my living area much larger than my 485’ mini house.

Also a small house forces me to venture out into the world a little more. I have a tendency to hermit. Now if I’m feeling cooped up I go to a café, on a walk, running on the beach. Your neighborhood is your true back yard. New Yorkers, experts (by necessity) at living mini, embrace this concept.


3. Emphasize the experiential.

Learning to scuba dive in Zanzibar for my 40h -- Yahooooo!

Learning to scuba dive in Zanzibar for my 40th — Yahooooo!

I’m all about collecting experiences, rather than inanimate objects (and that’s saying something from a former shopaholic). Aside from your standard rent, insurance and food, I’m all about saving my pennies for traveling and donating to worthy causes. (Oh yeah, and a little bit for retirement – I sometimes forget this vital bit!) One example of experiential living is my birthday. Each year as a present to myself I do something I’ve never done before. This “something” could be anything, as long as I push beyond my comfort zone. I’ve gone rock climbing in Maine, sky diving in South Africa, scuba diving in Zanzibar, rode a mechanical bull, and climbed Kilimanjaro.Got any ideas for me this year? My b-day is in October.  Note: I’m trying to back away from the death-defying antics. That said, someone pleassssse suggest I go to Everest base camp. I rarely resist a dare. There it is – the why and how of Living Mini.™  Trust me, I’ve never had less and yet lived more.

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