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Hotel_So_AmbianceIn Christchurch, I stayed in an adorable hotel called Hotel So. It was built according to the principles of Living Mini: affordable, ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly. My type of place!

Mood Lighting

The rooms at Hotel So are extremely streamlined with storage (and your choice of mood lighting) under the bed, a desk encircling the bed and the flat screen TV at my feet. So the bed basically became a command center, where you conducted all business: morning coffee, TV watching, computer tapping, and yes – sleeping.

Rear View Window

The bathroom was a self-enclosed circular unit with a clear sliding door and walls, which kept it from being claustrophobic. It also meant that if there were two people, the person at the command center would have a full view of all bathroom activities. Since I was by myself, this wasn’t a concern, but I could see how perhaps this could be compromising when two people shared the room.

Hotel_SoLight Awake

Hotel So also had a super fancy alarm clock system that would wake you with light and music. A jazzy little “wake up” song would play and gradually get louder as the room got brighter with simulated natural light. This seemed to be a nice idea, if a tad much.

I should also mention the rooms had free wireless, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, and hairdryer = true luxury!

In all, Hotel So was a great experience and within walking distance of tourismo Christchurch. If you’re in NZ’s South Island’s main city and looking for a spot to stay, I’d highly recommend. So worth it!

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