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It’s summer and it’s hot and we’re really not wearing a lot of clothes anyway.  And let’s face it, if we haven’t lost the extra pounds by now, we’re probably not gonna this year.

What does this mean? It’s time to clean out your closet!


Here’re a few tips to keeping everything in its place:

  • Don’t get Hung Up: If the garment doesn’t have a hanger, it (or another item) must go. The key is only having a set number of hangers. I have 100 total.
  • Step it up: Like all women I have a plethora of shoes (many of them black), all 34 have a place on my shoe rack. No space, no more shoes.
  • Boot it out! 10 pairs – not bad, but not one pair more.
  • Purge the Purses:  Seriously, how many clutches do we really need? 1 faux snakeskin in my opinion.
  • Down-size your duds: If it doesn’t fit,  itches, or needs to be mended, then get rid of it. Period.
  • Practice Tough Love: If you’ve had a garment for more than a year and you still haven’t put it on, toss. That goes for special occasion dresses too. By the time you wear them again, they’ll be out of style.
  • Donate Bag: I keep one in the bottom of my closet. Handy.

My close friends know my dream job is to work at California Closets – the mecca of closet organization. (I’ve actually looked into acquiring a franchise.)

So if you have any Qs – shoot ‘em my way. I’ll consider it career training.


Living Mini: Out of the Closet

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