I spied this nipa hut while wreck diving off the Philippine island of Coron.
I spied this nipa hut while wreck diving off the Philippine island of Coron.

Most of us are over-scheduled and stressed out and it’s time to have some fun! LivingMini is all about making room in your life to lead a more expansive life.

Minimizing clutter and downsizing your domicile is just part of it – we’re talking about a mind shift that will give you more time and energy to follow you passions!

  • Heart: How to embrace the principles of Living Mini and increase your time, energy and enjoyment.
  • Hearth: Tips on how to de-clutter, de-stress, and organize your surroundings.
  • Home: Check out how your neighbors – locally and globally – are living in alternative abodes.
  • Essentials of LivingMini: A stripped-down approach to streamlined living.
  • Mini Makeover: The thought processes and practical steps that created my LivingMini life.

What are you waiting for? The door’s wide open to a whole LivingMini world!

A rural village in Malawi.

I traveled overland from Livingstone, Zambia to Lilongwe, Malawi. It took me 3 days and the entire time I was the only foreigner on the local bus with my fellow Malawians.

I learned an important lesson from my new bus buddies:

Erin Biking TN

I’m starting to get a little bit trashy lately. But don’t blame me, blame my new hobby: mobile garbage collecting.

That’s right—I’m spending my time picking up neighborhood garbage. Here’s why I’m enjoying it so much…

Summer Cottage TN

A benefit of living as a nomad is that I get to stay in all manner of places. My most recent abode was a small cottage nestled among the vineyards of Sonoma.

Here’s a peek at my cottage nest and how I spent my month of solitude:

Full Sail Long Shot

My love affair with all things boats continues — And lucky for me I’m fresh off two incredible sailing journeys!

My cruises epitomize the spirit of Living Mini! Read all about my Clipper Ship fun (& watch the videos)!


Answer Yes or No to these 10 questions to find out if you’re ready to mini-ize your life

Are you feeling stressed? Need more time to relax? Here’re 3 easy steps to givie yourself a well-deserved Mini Makeover!

EmergenC in Laos 0 00 53-08

Where ever I go, I always have a a little “EmergenC”!

For 10 days, I was laid up with food poisoning – it was the pineapple shake from the Hmong night market in Luang Prabang, Laos. Here I am in my delirium.

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