Lucy’s Fund

My good friend Jill started Lucy’s Fund in honor of her friend Lucy, who lived in Kenya. Unfortunately, Lucy died before achieving her greatest wish: to send her 4 children to school.

Jill met Lucy while visiting Kenya for the first time. Lucy, whose husband died in a car crash, did massage to support her family. She and her family lived in one room with no facilities. All her money was going to support her son at boarding school and 2 daughters in primary school.

Tragedy Strikes

Misfortune then struck Lucy’s family. Lucy died of an AIDS-related illness, making her oldest son at age 15, head of the household. He quit school to work and trusted his aunt with their few possessions, which she subsequently stole. Then the youngest child in the family died. A true tragedy.

In Lucy’s memory, Jill pledged to see the 2 girls through school. So Lucy’s Fund was founded to help raise the money to send the girls to a safe boarding school and obtain an education.

The Good News

While the oldest son Peter never went back to school, with Jill’s help he was able to start a small business. His two sisters not only completed high school, but went on to graduate from college.

With Lucy’s children succeeding, Jill continued to help other Kenyan children gain an education. She sponsored two additional boys, then her friend Benson’s children. Jill eventually became acquainted with Utange Baptist Primary School located in a rural village outside of Mombasa and sponsored scholarships for 8 students. Jill now sponsors children at another village school in the nearby village of Bombolulu.

Amazement & Applause

Jill amazes me, as have countless other Adventure Philanthropists I have met during my travels. These are normal, working individuals who come across a heart-breaking situation and make the decision to help. It’s usually a small decision at first – to pay for school for a few students. But then it grows and soon they are helping dozens of children become educated, fed, housed, and clothed.

To me Jill’s willingness to step up and take partial responsibility for Lucy’s family is humbling. It proves that one person can make a difference in the life of one person or an entire family or even a community. Go Jill Go!

Honoring Lucy’s Memory

Lucy’s Fund is not set up as a formal nonprofit organization, so there are no tax benefits with your donation. But there is the promise from Jill that the money will go to support children’s education in Kenya.

Each year Jill hosts a garden party in her home. She held this annual gathering in mid-June and raised £350 from her friends. If you too would like to help Jill and honor Lucy, you can give:

  • £30 / $47 to sponsor 1 child’s education for a term
  • £90 / $220 to sponsor 1 child’s education for a year
  • £2,000 / $3,132 to build a classroom, including doors and windows

Soccer Club Contacts: Jill is also looking to connect with football / soccer clubs in Britain and the U.S. in which to partner. In particular the Kenyan soccer clubs would love to have discarded uniforms, kits, and balls.

To make a donation (I did!), send checks to 60 Buddle Lane, Exeter, Devon, EX4 1JJ or contact Jill directly at:

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