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Komodo_in_GrassHere’re the two articles that were published by during the last month.
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Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara islands: “Hunting Komodo with Camera”

Published March 23 – I stopped off in Indonesia just for 10 days – a quick trip sandwiched between Australia and the Philippines. My main reason for going? To see the legendary Komodo dragon!

So I booked a boat tour called “Hunting Komodo with Camera.” It was 4 nights / 5 days and cost US$455. That was for a shared cabin. For the pleasure of sleeping on the deck you only paid US$341.

Thank God I popped for the inside berth as we encountered massive rain storms the first few days. Think “Deadliest Catch” but in warm water. Seriously, the weather was gnarly.

Luckily we were a spunky bunch and the weather didn’t put a damper on our enthusiasm. There were 26 of us in all, although all but 8 of us disembarked in Flores after 2 nights.

Here’re the highlights of all 9 the West Nusa Tenggara islands (the island chain east of Bali) we visited…Read more!


Uluru_ChopperThe Outback by Chopper, by Hog, by Train

Published March 2 – Any way you go, traversing Australia’s Outback is remarkable. But why settle for pedestrian planes and cars, when you can experience the ultimate “Thrill of the Outback.”

Here are 3 ways to really live up a journey to Uluṟu (Ayers Rock) – aboard a train, in a chopper, on a hog!

· Aboard a Train – Not some ordinary train, The Ghan follows the original route carved through the desert by Afghan caravaneers astride their camels. This famous train, taking passengers from Adelaide to Alice Springs to Darwin, is luxurious. Even the non-cabin Red Class offers showers, fresh towels and dining car access.

I’m a train lover and this is one of the best I’ve been on – truly an experience to savor. I spent hours looking out the window and was rewarded with seeing wild horses drinking from a billabong, desert rivers overflowing, and the most amazing sunrise I’ve ever seen.

Read about my chopper and Harley experiences too!

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