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A  view of my favorite beach Wednesday, March 24, 2010 — Marin, Cali

I was driving back to my home about 8:00 am Sunday morning, after having spent the night in the city. Now, I’m not normally out early Sunday mornings – honestly I’m not generally out any day at 8:00 am.  I’m usually hibernating in my mini house, typically emerging about 1:00 pm after I’ve worked all morning. But this Sunday morning I was on the road headed toward home. And I was surprised to see everyone else headed toward my home too, with bikes, surfboards and dirt bikes in tow.

I was psyched to see this, because even though I wasn’t planning on biking, surfing or riding dirt bikes that day, I totally appreciated that I live in an area where all 3 were possible. That’s right. I live in the most awesome place on earth!

What I try to do every Sunday is:

  • • not work (only reading and creative writing allowed)
  • • go to the beach, because I figure that since I live near the ocean, I should see the sea at least once a week.

I wanted to invite y’all to visit my backyard and share just how fabulous it all is!

These are pictures I took over the last week of the Marin county countryside.

I love the water!

I love the water!
Spring is here!

Spring is here!
My new favorite pasttime!

My new favorite pasttime!


What’s your favorite part of where you live? Send me a pic and I’ll post it!


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