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my_hero_ratTake 2 Kitties, a Whale, an Elephant and a Rat….

Sounds like the start of a bad joke. But my menagerie is no laughing matter – these are all animals I adopted over the last few years. 

Join the Rat Race

I was reminded of my growing brood when I received a PayPal notice that my monthly payment of £5 (about $7) was sent to support Ziko, my long-nosed African Rat, who is an official Mine Detection Rat. I get periodic updates from Ziko – who apparently is a mine-sniffing star in his African homeland.   

It appears that HeroRat (based In Tanzania), also has a Mozambique team of heroes (both rats and humans alike) which has already managed to clear over 325,745 square meters of land in the Gaza Province! They found 470 landmines, as well as 294 unexploded devices and a further 6,205 small arms and ammunitions. Wow – Good Job HeroRats!

Notice the Elephant in the Room

orpha_elephantSweet Maggie is my elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Preserve. She lives in Kenya. I adopted Sweet Maggie a couple of years ago. She’s an orphan from the wild, whose mother was probably killed by poachers.

I haven’t heard from Maggie in a while, but I’m sure she’s doing fine. You can also adopt baby rhinos too!

Baby_orca_2Have a Whale of a Time

I adopted a baby Orca for my nephew Jake as a Christmas present (truthfully he wasn’t nearly as excited as I was).

It was after a whale-watching trip to the San Juan Islands, where I saw at least 3 separate pods and tons of baby whales breaching the surface. A truly spectacular day! So when visiting The Whale Museum, I signed up for their Orca Adoption Program.  I think I adopted a baby whale named Polaris.


Every time I say the word “Kitty!” I channel the voice from Monsters Inc. I got my kitties after a stint with a consulting client, Pets Unlimited.

I was supposed to “foster” the 4-week old kitts for 2 months and give them back. Which, of course, was completely impossible.  I was forced to adopt the critters and love them up full time.

Room for One More

Lovely_Rita_at_playWell, it seems I have room for one more (I sound just like Angelina!) and am looking for an addition to my growing wildlife family.

Please write in with suggestions….Cheetah adoption in Namibia? A tiger in Bangladesh? A grown gorilla in Rwanda?

Let’s do this: You nominate my next animal for adoption and we’ll put it to the Adventure Philanthropist community Donate My Dollars vote next month – that way we can all participate in the adoption! I like it!



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