Meet our 20-Ton baby!

You’ll remember that at the end of 2011, we voted to name our sponsored whaleshark “Kubwa Ya Moyo” — Swahili for “Big Heart.”

A few weeks back, I received an update on our whale of a girl:

Impressive Measurements: Kubwa Ya Moyo is a 6 meter (about 18 feet!) female shark. She is registered as MZ-620 in the Global Whale Shark Database. You can check her out at

Global Tracking: The Global Whale Shark Database, run by ECOCEAN, is a whale shark photo-identification library is a visual database of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) encounters of individually catalogued whale sharks. The library is maintained and used by marine biologists to collect and analyze whale shark encounter data to learn more about these amazing creatures.

The library uses photographs of the skin patterning behind the gills of each shark and any scars to distinguish between individual animals. Cutting-edge software supports rapid identification using pattern recognition and photo management tools.

The best thing is that you too can assist with whale shark research! All you do it submit photos and sighting information which will be used in mark-recapture studies to help with the global conservation of this threatened species.

Really, visit site! *Super Cool*!

Sighting Notification: My email address is entered in the global database so that I’ll be notified if Kubwa Ya Moyo is seen again anywhere in the world. I’m super excited about this!

Imagine – she could be cruising around the Philippines! Maybe I’ll run into her diving in Sri Lanka! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled!

Amazing Pictures: Last but not least – here are some great pictures sent by our buddies based in Tofo, Mozambique. Don’t you agree she looks beautiful?! What a smile!

More Info: To find out more about whale shark conservation, read the two posts below or visit the Marine Megafauna Foundation directly: Can’t wait to follow her as she continues to grow!

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