Michelsons Invade Madrid!

Ma  Michelson and Me (in a goofy hat)

Ma Michelson and Me (in a goofy hat)

Dec.13, 2007 — Madrid, Spain

We arrived in Madrid yesterday morning. It’s a beautiful city, which sort of surprises me because a couple of people said I could give it a miss. Miss all this? No!  I am fully enjoying the splendor of it all! 

Starting with this trip, I’ve decided as I arrive in each city, I’ll take a photo with a local food vendor within 24 hours of arriving.

It’ll be the same shot, different locale each time.

These will be my Go-to photos.

Here’s my first Go-to picture: Go-to-Madrid!





Last night was Saturday night and central Madrid was hopping! The lights of the city are crazy, with Christmas lights strung up between every boulevard and street. We guessed there must be at least 5-6,000 inhabitants elbow to elbow.  It’s so festive! It’s so Feliz Navidad!

Madrid should be called the city of lighs!
Madrid should be called the City of Lights!
Mas Luz!
Mas Luz!









We spent most of today hitting the main tourist attractions. First was a stop at the Prado Museum, home to famous Goyas and Greckos. Honestly, the religious overtones and heavy violence isn’t quite my type of art. My taste tends toward the more modern, so a couple of hours did me fine.

Hola from the Prado!

Hola from the Prado!

We left the museum to wander around the Real Jardine Botanica next door. Get some fresh air and see the pretty flowers. Of course, we didn’t remember it was mid-December and there wasn’t exactly a whole lot in bloom this time of year.

A stroll around the Parque del Buen Retiro was next. I have to say, Madrid is such a well kept city.

No trash, everyone friendly, well marked, clean Metro, so …. civilized. 5-6 hours outside in the chilly air was enough for me since I’m a little under the weather right now.

Muy bonita!
Muy bonita!
Y mas bonita!
Y mas bonita!









Actually, I knocking on death’s door and am down and out with a severe head cold and laryngitis. Luckily, I found a local doctor who is prescribing me some pretty stiff medicine.

Dr. Bartender

Dr. Bartender

I expect to bounce back in no time. Although a mute Erin might actually be gem of a travelling companion… Adios amigos!

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