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Me and my neat & tidy rows of dirt.

Me and my neat & tidy rows of dirt.
June 7, 2009: West Marin, CA

Last I left off about my mini farm, I was playing the dirt. Unfortunately, I continued my mucking around for another month or so, despite several planting attempts.

Attempt #1
Bought 13 packets of seeds, soaked ‘em overnight in Dixie-type cups, then planted on top of toilet paper (this is what the folks at Sloat told me to do). Covered with plastic sheeting to incubate and keep the birds away. Waited for two weeks (watered *most* days) and…nothing.

Another farming failure.

Another farming failure.

Attempt #2

Soaked the seeds again but this time placed in biodegradable starter pots mixed together with some organic fertilizer and potting soil. Waited for two weeks (again watered *most days*) and…..3 sprouts (two dill plants and one oregano seedling).





Store-bought success!

Store-bought success!

Attempt #3:   Bought 4-inch starter plants from uber-Californian eco-friendly garden store down the road. Came home and planted these 9 new plants along with my own 3 starters. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve watered each day (an improvement).  Triumph — Plants are still alive! I’m gonna wait another week or two then go big time: Compost Tea Fertilizer. Hopefully the compost tea will jump start the little guys since now I’ve got a bit of a late start on the growing season.  Stay tuned to hear how my herb garden grows. farm in the making!

Finally…mini farm in the making!

Have gardening suggestions for me? Pass them along…

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