Mom & Me: Mother’s Day Binge

Sam &  Erin: Aloha Style

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and Mom’s here visiting me for the week (10 days actually, but who’s counting).  We usually try and celebrate Mom’s Day together – a little festival of the two of us!

Sam & Erin: Aloha Style

Since I love to buy presents and I’m a bit craftsey, I’ve always gone all out to give a killer present. One year, I put together a scrap book of pictures just of the two of us, marking all the milesontes together.

It started with a sweet pic of me in her arms, and continued to me flipping her off during my teenage years (Nah, just joking! um, sort of). Anyway, each year we add a new picture.

The funny thing about the album is that you can tell how much we’re alike, standing next to each other year after year in photographs.  Not so much in looks (I have more of my Dad’s features), but in the way we dress (Mom does have style!) and especially in the way we hold ourselves. Shocking, really.

Michelsons: Bucket Bag Style

Michelsons: Bucket Bag Style

Another year I sent away a picture of the two of us holding hands. I was 3 and it was my first dance recital and I’m in costume  (I love to dress up!), and she’s in her late 20’s with a magnificent beehive. I sent the picture to Anya Hindmarch’s studio in London and they silk-screened the picture onto a handbag.

Voila! A custom-made—frightfully expensive—mother’s day gift. (Ok, Ok, so I bought two bags, one for me and one for her. I figured if I was going through that much trouble…).  You can get one too!

This year, I was planning to out-do myself. My friend Tammy told me about Outstanding in the Field, a private party where you’re served a 5-star meal in the middle of a field. I was going for a Mom’s Day brunch to be held at the McEnvoy Ranch in Petaluma.

Sam & Erin on Mystery & Sedona

Sam & Erin on Mystery & Sedona

Supposedly tickets sell out in like minutes, so I pre-registered before the day of the launch, set my alarm and logged in 2 minutes early and BAM! The site crashed for a like a week, with all of us yuppies trying to buy tickets online at the appointed time. By the time the site was revived and a new launch date set, I had lost my appetite for the $450 brunch with mice.

Instead, Mom came to the Mini House to help me look for land. Actually, she’s looking for me to buy a regular old house. I’m looking to buy land. That’s an ongoing conversation we’re having.

And we’re also having some fun! We went trail riding up in the Woodacre Hills.

High-end Greens

High-end Greens

We also did the very mom-like activity of strolling the Marin Farmer’s Market.  Which is pretty much the Rolls-Royce of outdoor grocery shopping.

(Dear Jaspy, Thx for being my “ardent fan” – You are my first one!)

And, of course, we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo – Ole! (Those pictures turned out a little blurry….). Corona and Maggies all week long!

So while our Mom’s Day festivities are kind of mellow this year, we’re still enjoying our time together and celebrating the birth of moi.

Erin & Sam in Espana

Erin & Sam in Espana

Oops, my bad. That’s not the point.

The point is to celebrate the strength of our mother-daughter relationship. Which is marvelous! Fresh off our 3-week holiday trip to Spain and Portugal, this mother-daughter team now has our sights set on India.

Watch out world, we’re all about to be bindi-ed!





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