Ms. Chiang Mai

When traveling, there’s always the temptation to “Go Native.” In terms of dress, I mean.

I saw one such girl succumb in India. She was a blond-haired, blue-eyes Russian lassie who had festooned herself with hennaed hands and feet, jangling anklets, wrists full of bangles, a traditional block-patterned skirt, hand-made shoes, and to top it all off – a bindi bulls-eye right between the brows!

I’m not casting stones. In fact, I can fully appreciate this girl’s impulse to indulge.

Disease of the Dress

I’m afraid I fell to the fever in Thailand. I knew I was infected when our day-guide to the hill tribes greeted me with a cheery “Hello Ms. Chiang Mai!” Oy!

I admit, I couldn’t resist all the light-weight colorful cotton skirts and dresses (and scarves and blouses). So practical in the hot weather! So easy to pack! (Who could see the wrinkles?). So cheap to buy! So fun to wear!

My Medicine

To rectify my fashion faux pas, I’ve committed to wearing only one (maybe two) pieces of my Chiang Mai wardrobe at any one time.

That said, I’m not sure I can do it. I’m fairly addicted at this point, and only the growing weigh of my backpack is holding me back from more must-have $5 purchases.

And who cares if I’m channeling Ms. Chiang Mai anyway?! I’m going to find that Russian chic and invite her for a cup of coffee to compare notes. Make that a cup of chai…

Thai Temptation

Here’s a shot of my new India-Thai wardrobe, plus a few items I picked up in Cambodia / Vietnam last spring. There is at least a consistency of color!













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