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Erin the Editor, photo by GoErinGoThis week is my birthday! Every year to celebrate my milestone, I try something new. It’s a way for me to stretch my boundaries and continue to learn. In past years, I’ve gone skydiving, learned to scuba dive, learned to ride a horse, and taken West African dance classes.

This year for my birthday, I’m publishing my book: Adventure Philanthropist: Great Adventure Volunteering Abroad!  To accomplish my goal, I’ve squirreled myself away with my family in Florida so that I can concentrate on meeting my deadline. And I’m tantalizingly close to being finished.

To help move me along, I bit the bullet last week and hired an author services company to spearhead the design and printing process. I’m now in the thick of it:

  • Back CameraEditing –I’ve been working closely with my editor-friend Susan for over a month now. We have one week left until the editing process is complete. The end is in sight!
  • Proof Reading – Just one intense weekend to check the hard copy for typos (after multiple rounds of edits). Sam has her spotting glasses ready!
  • File Delivery – This is actually the most complicated step since I need multiple files for e-books (Kindle, iBook, etc.) and one for the print edition. My basic manuscript can be compromised in all kinds of funky ways. Wary of this sand trap for sure!
  • Interior Layout – I’m not sure why this part takes so long, especially since I’d prefer to use an existing template. The publisher keeps telling me it will be 2-3 weeks (what?!), but we’re going to try and speed it along. Fingers crossed!
  • Cover Design – With the artwork already complete, we just need the exact specifications for the final layout…which we can’t get until the interior design is done…because the width of the spine corresponds to the number of pages. This is the type of detail that can cause mucho delays!
  • Printing – Just print the bloody book already!
  • Delivery & Fulfillment – Basically I need to get the bugger on Amazon so y’all can buy it! I also have the new Square device doo-hickey so I can sell the books to audience members during my speaking engagements.

Whew! I’ve always wanted to write a book, so this will be a great personal achievement and a worthy birthday present. It’s also extraordinarily appropriate as a marker for my birthday milestone since this self-publishing process is adding years to my life = Argh!

Happy Birthday to a new bookish me!

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