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The article “Fearless Travel and Adventure Philanthropy” was published on on December 16, 2010.

Andy: This week, we’ve got another unique guest who sort of calls herself an adventure philanthropist. We also take another look at that pesky word “fearless,” and how it relates to the travel lifestyle. Our guest, Erin Michelson, has traveled to more than 60 countries and lived and studied in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, and South Africa, but I think she’s calls San Francisco home…for now.

Could you introduce yourself?

Sure. You know when you play that game of describing yourself in 3 words? Well, my three words are: adventurous, disciplined, and creative. I guess I’m a combination of all these things and full of contradictions (like anyone else).

Like I’m a highly “structured” person, and yet don’t hesitate to jump in the car and take off on a road trip for 2 weeks without any clear direction. Or like my craving for the solitude of my Mini House in the country, and yet I love to host social dinner parties for my friends.

Someone called me “fearless” once. Actually, he was describing my style of fundraising. But maybe this is the best descriptor of all, since it incorporates both my thirst for experiencing this big wide world first hand, as well as my laissez faire approach to my own safety and comfort and for what I’m leaving behind.

Andy: Sounds awesome. Balance is overrated. Nothing wrong with a healthy combo of structure and fearlessness.

Interested in reading more?

I go on to answer these questions:

  • You spent a lot of your childhood abroad. How do you feel that’s affected your view on travel today?
  • Tell us about your mini-house.
  • You’ve lived in so many places in the world. Any favourites, places maybe you’d go back to someday or would suggest as a must-hangout-for-awhile-in locale?
  • Can you explain your concept of ‘adventure philanthropy’?
  • What’s been your most inspirational travel experience?
  • Any interesting items on your bucket list you’re hoping to tackle in the next couple of years?

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