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My cute  little red sports car

My cute little red sports car Do you see the resemblance?

June 19, 2009 – West Marin, California
I’m a happy driver, right? I like to drive. Correction: I like to sing and dance when I drive. Driving is actually third on my list of priorities when I’m behind the wheel.

  • Singing: Volume counts. Knowing the words doesn’t.
  • Dancing: No mere head bobbing neither – we’re talking hands off the wheel, shoulder rolls, a little thigh slapping.
  • Driving: It’s scary just how often I follow the car in front of me and end up at some random location.

Everyone who drives with me knows that it’s participatory sport. Participating as in, I rely on my passengers to call out stops signs, pedestrians, red lights.

Never apologize for pointing out the obvious when we’re in the car – chances are I’m busy snapping my fingers. So I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when Officer “B” pulled me over last week for going 78 in a 55. What’s amazing is that this is my first ticket in 9 years. (Although, come to think of it, I didn’t own a car for 8 of those years, so let’s temper the self-congratulations.) 

Do you see the resemblance? So I’m waiting in the car while Officer “B” runs my plates, etc. and I see my little box of Go Cards™ sitting in my purse and decide to give him one. Why I think that being stopped for a traffic violation is an appropriate marketing opportunity, I’m unsure.  But I think it is.

My Go Cards™ all have different pictures from my travels. They’re cool, more on them later.
As Officer “B” hands me the ticket, I hand him my Go Card™ and invite him to visit my web site. He was a little stunned
(he probably thought I was trying to pick him up).

He flipped the Go Card™ over and read the back out loud: GoErinGo! Oh No — GoErinGo! I immediately say “but slowly, slowly.”

Really, I swear, Erin…Go…Slowly…

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