My Tennis Grand Slam

As most of you know, I’m a huge tennis fan. While just a social player (and a mediocre one at that), I still love the game – especially to watch matches from the stands during a sunny day!

So I was particularly thrilled last year when I got a chance to attend Wimbledon – it was truly fabulous and certainly the Queen of all tennis tournaments! And then as luck would have it, I was in NYC during the U.S. Open in September and stopped by for the day.

With 2 of the 4 Grand Slams accounted for, I was compelled to visit the other two within the calendar year. And so, when I set off on my living & giving adventure in January, I headed to the Pacific – just so I could attend the Australian Open at the end of the month.

Three down and one to go! Even though I was traveling around Southeast Asia in May – no matter! I simply had to make it to Roland Garros for the French Open!

Check out my impressions of each of the French, Australian, and U.S. Opens and Wimbledon below:

French Open – May 2011

• “Navigating the French Open” on It’s my take on the tennis tournament from the perspective of “All Things French” – French style, language, food…

Australian Open – January 2011

• “Inside the Australian Open – 6 Insider Tips” on Although Rafa was not able to realize his Grand Slam dreams, I was still holding onto mine as I headed to Melbourne! Not only did I see fabulous tennis, I got to know the inside scoop on this world-class event. Here’re 6 insider tips to consider as you plan an Australian Open outing.

U.S. Open – September 2010

• After living in NYC for 5 years, I’ve been to the U.S. Open many times. It’s definitely a laid back affair (although not quite the party of the Aussie Open). The viewing from the side courts is great and the giant screens and enthusiastic fans are big fun!

Since I knew the ropes, I just headed out early one weekday morning on the 7 train to Queens and bought my ticket on the spot. It was a full day of tennis and super hot – as only a sweaty summer day in New York City can be. It might be my favorite…but then again, I’m a little partial!

Wimbledon – June 2010

Without a doubt, Wimbledon is tennis royalty. I wrote two articles – one about my Wimbledon Fairy Godfather and the other on creating a strategy when attending the All English Lawn Tennis Club:

• “The Ultimate Wimbledon Experience” – Read why I’m definitely the luckiest girl in the world and how I met my very own Wimbledon Fairy Godfather. Not only did I score fabulous tickets, but I got to attend the famous Wimbledon Ball!

• “What We Learned at Wimbledon” – After spending two days at Wimbledon, I figured out the system and how to work it! And make no mistake, you need a strategy to figuring out the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club). See the inside scoop!

Voila! Erin’s Grand Slam completed! Since I don’t have a trophy to hoist over my head, I’m doing a little victory dance with a HUGE smile!

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