Tour Turkey’s Keslik Monastery *Video*

July 13, 2009 – Cappadocia, Turkey

While visiting Turkey this past summer, I spent a day riding around Cappadocia on the back of a scooter — fun!  Our day trip took us from our home base of Ürgüp, past the small Greek-inspired town of Cem?l, to the Ke?lik Monastery.

Watch The Video: Tour the Ke?lik Monastery in Turkey


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Ke?lik Monastery is one of the biggest monastic areas in Cappadocia, comprising a maze of caves with a refectory, kitchen, hiding chambers, baptistery, winery, and escape tunnels, all hollowed out of a group of broad-based cones. A highlight is the extraordinarily well preserved and colorful frescoes seen on the ceilings.  

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