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Busy-with-Turtles1-463x400Back in February I attended the Adventure Travel Show in Santa Clara. I went to hear Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, and Patricia Schultz present, hoping to learn from the best.

While I was there I learned about an upcoming competition to be the Next Travel Channel Star. Apparently, the Travel Channel is “looking for personalities who are curious, adventurous and explore the world through their own unique lens.” Hey, that’s me!

And so I decided to take a deep breathe, set my ego aside, and enter the competition.

My Entry

Here is my 450-character description as well as my 2-minute video entry:

Become an Adventure Philanthropist!

Host Erin Michelson, Author & Adventure Philanthropist, travels the world volunteering with humanitarian organizations. Writing her blog, Erin has visited all 7 continents and nearly 100 countries getting to know local cultures on a deeper level. Meet amazing individuals—those combining passion and philanthropy—as we journey to the far corners of the globe. Join Erin, the next Travel Channel Star, on her living and giving adventures!

View the my video!

A Winning Submission

The semi-finalists are chosen to compete head-to-head while on a travel adventure, with the winner landing a 5-part Travel Channel web series. Too cool!

When I entered, there were already oodles of submissions from around the world. So if you believe in luck and good omens, please send some positive mojo my way.

On my end, I’m crossing my fingers, aligning my chakras, and visualizing a positive outcome. Here’s to my spot in the semifinal round!


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