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Giving to charity is rewarding.

But giving to charity responsibly is a bit more challenging. One easy way to track your charitable donations is to use a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

At the end of the year, I opened a DAF at Fidelity because they have one of the lowest minimum contribution levels at $5,000. Bank of America and Charles Schwab also offer DAFs for minimum investments of $5,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Key Features of a DAF:

  • • Immediate tax deduction
  • • Flexible grant making — Make grant recommendations now or in the future
  • • Personalized account name: Mine is GoErinGo!
  • • Unlimited advisors
  • • Wide variety of assets are accepted, including cash, securities and non-financial assets like art or land leases
  • • Broad range of investment options
  • • Unlimited generational transfers
  • • Straightforward, transparent reporting to track your giving history

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