Packing: European Holiday *Video*

Brits famously say: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothes.” I’ll remember that next time I’m in Stonehenge being pelted with marble-sized hail stones and 70 mph winds!

As I left Borneo, I donated my flimsy island wear in anticipation of my “summertime” European tour. Unfortunately, although it was May when I arrived, the UK was uncharacteristically chilly (which is saying something!). So I geared up.

In all, I spent $710. Here’s what I purchased to see me through one of the most inclement summers on record:

2 Big Purchases

As I embarked on my city-centered tour, I decided to upgrade from my backpacker look with a:

  • New *pink* Suitcase: Hard-covered (to withstand rain and keep clothes dry), wheels (to navigate the paved streets), and secure (with a lock to keep out wandering hands).
  • Designer Bag: Bought this during a 1-hour layover in Hong Kong! It is a fabulous fun print that is roomy enough for my computer and camera and still can fold up easily to pack away.

City Wear

Decided on a “sporty-casual” look since I would be both hiking around the countryside as well as touring the museums, castles and cafés that Europe has to offer. Here’re my additions:

  • Bottoms: Cargo pants, black dress pants, black leggings, walking shorts, kept my jeans.
  • Tops: Assortment of short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, plus a polar vest and fleece for warmth. Kept my 2 button-downs.
  • Lounging: Since I’m staying at people’s homes and hostels, I needed a few clothes to chill out in, so added a hoodie and black lounge pants.
  • Shoes: Ballet flats, trainers, cork-wedge summer sandals.
  • Reserve: Kept several camisoles, ethnic print skirts and sundresses = just in case!

Rain Gear

Three weeks into the UK summer, I gave in and purchased some serious rainproof clothing including:

  • Wellies: Fleece-lined, black rain boots – LOVE these!
  • Anorak: Said to withstand 3,000 mm of rain. I now have nightmares about losing this – invaluable!
  • Raincoat: Smaller dress raincoat to wear with skirts and to meetings. It’s still small enough to fit into my purse.

Packing it all in

I’m digging my new clothes. They’re pretty comfortable and they do double-duty for hiking the hills and city touring. Watch now as I pack it all in my fabulous new suitcase:

Can’t see the video? Click on this link: Erin Packs for Euro 12

What do you think – did I make good decisions? Anything I missed and might need? Let me know!

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