Packing: RTW Trip – Bags *Video*

Packing is about making tough choices – What do you take and what gets left behind. Probably the most important choice is picking the right bag.

Watch the video!

Today, there’re tons of options, including backpacks, duffle bags, hard-shell traditional suitcases. A few things to think about are:

Travel Location: Bags with wheels are great – but not if you need to roll through inch-deep mud. Your bag for India will probably be different then your bag for Buenos Aires.

Also think about the weather. I’m traveling during the wet season right now in SE Asia and my bag gets drenched on a regular basis. It’s not water-proof, but it’s holding up pretty well.

Travel Style: Are you taking a luxury train trip or will you be riding a chicken bus? If porters aren’t an option, you’ll need to think about the best bag to heft around. Ditto for a car trip. The easiest of all holidays to pack for…you can take a bulky bag and not pay too heavy of a price.

Length of Trip: It’s funny, I think you almost pack the same amount of cloths for 2 weeks as you do for 2 years. Almost. My one bag for 2 years is literally my house. And so it’s a little big bigger than normal and organizational compartments are key.

Wanna see the bags I chose for my living and giving adventure?! Check out this video and let me know what you think …

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