Packing: RTW Trip – Clothes *Video*

I recently heard the term “Death by Luggage,” while hefting suitcases on and off Italian trains. Here’s a quick video of me whining in Bologna about our luggage “situation”:

While I was bemoaning the fact that Mom and I had a few too many bags, I looked over and saw a newlywed couple (it had to be – no other alternative!) with 7 large suitcases and a guitar between them. Seriously, the dude was in danger of croaking under the weight of all those bags and the honeymoon wasn’t even over yet!

So if you don’t want to die an ignominious death, get serious about what you’re going to actually wear on your travels. Not what you want to wear or all the fancy clothes you just bought for the trip, but what you’re Actually Going to Wear on the road.

I’ve pretty much got it down to a science. And while I updated my wardrobe in Southeast Asia (Read: My World Nomad Wardrobe) and picked up a few more modest (as in long sleeved) pieces for my upcoming travels to the Middle East, my clothes have pretty much stayed the same from my original pack more than 6 months ago.

Here’s the video of what and how I packed – clothes-wise—for my 2-year journey. Check it out!

Have any packing tips to share? Let us know what helps to keep your bags under the 20 kilos interntional airline weight limit!

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This entry was posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011 and is filed under What to Pack.

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