Speaking Hawaiian: Pidgin Style

NewGleasonShakaHawaiiEven though I went to high school in Hawaii, I’m a total haole (white person) and can’t really speak Pidgin.
I understand it though and my brother, who’s lived in the islands off and on for more than 10 years, can speak it pretty well.

Pidgin is an “unofficial” language, basically a Hawaii Creole English, and it’s actually the primary language of most people living in Hawaii.

Pidgin was originally created so Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Portuguese and Americans could conduct business.

Here’re the 5 VIP pidgin words:

  • · Howzit = How are you?
  • · Tita = Tough Local Girl
  • · Brah = Dude
  • · Grinds = Food
  • · Da Kine = Any thing and everything

Examples of pidgin in a sentence:

  • · “No listen to dat tita, she say any kine, brah.”
  • · “Ovah deah, get plenny grinds fo’ da money.”
  • · “He mo’ fat dan me.”

Funny impersonation of President Obama Speaking Pidgin:


Wha? No ken understand, brah?

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